Saving our American Heritage




                                                              SAVING OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE

June 15, 2019

The Speaker of the House of Representatives


Washington, D.C.  20515

Dear Madam Speaker:

Our Organization, Men and Women for a Representative Democracy in America, is voicing the opinion of most grass roots Americans when we say.........BACK OFF....STOP YOUR WITCH-HUNTING TACTICS.... and let the President do his job. With all of your shadowing and policing of our Chief Executive, we wonder how you and your comrades have the time to fulfill the responsibilities

for which you were elected???

President Trump has cooperated with the Judiciary Committee:2500 subpoenas, 19 special councils, 40 FBI agents, 500 search

warrants, etc. The American economy and employment are the best they have been in years.

Quite frankly, we are angry, frustrated,and disgusted with your leadership and the strong-armed stratagems of Democrats.  You have found nothing and we're fed-up with the words  "cover-up". We suggest you MOVE ON and do YOUR JOB.

We are now in a full blown crisis-the worst situation at the border in over a decade! President Trump is doing all he can-but is imperative that Congress act.

Yet, instead of addressing these crises,House Democrats are advancing a massive amnesty bill that would give over 2 million aliens a path to citizenship.

In the professional/business world, all of you would have been fired for incompetence!!!


Gerrye Johnston

Founder and CEO