Saving our American Heritage



July 9, 2018

The Honorable Robert W. Goodlatte

Judiciary Chair

2309 Rayburn House Office Building

Independence Ave. & S. Capitol St., SW

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Goodlatte:

One thing has become clear in the last few months: our government is filled with corruption. We

have known it for years, but the last few months have revealed a level of corruption that places the

United States of America on the level of some third world dictatorships.

There have been “leaks” as the Democrats try to cushion the blow for what will eventually come-out

the Obama Administration placed spies in the Trump Campaign.

No…these were spies! Confidential informants are used primarily by law enforcements as “whistle

blowers.” Many times they already work for the agency under investigation and observe what they

believe is illegal. They report this behavior and are told to remain in their positions, keep their

eyes open, and provide additional information. What was going on in the Trump campaign was not the

use of “confidential informants”. The Obama White House and the Justice Department placed people

in the Trump campaign to gather information about our competitor-that is spying. Furthermore, these

spies went after certain people in the campaign in an effort to secure information to hurt Trump and

assure that he would not become President. This was not an effort by the Obama Administration

to keep Russia from taking over our democracy or from subverting the democratic process. This

was a deliberate and calculated effort by supporters of Hillary Clinton to spy on the Trump

campaign. Agents were to dig up dirt that could be used by Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump,

which she did during the campaign debates.

This is a scandal bigger than Watergate under President Richard Nixon. The main-stream media

have totally ignored the story because it makes Obama and the Democrats, with whom they are

aligned, look bad. Our country is becoming increasingly politically polarized because of biased, one-

sided reporting of the leftist media that embraces, rather than expose, corruption and illegal activity.

Truth and freedom go hand in hand. The American people see the truth of what the corrupt Obama

White House did! Americans feels betrayed.  Subpoena all of Attorney Rod Rosenstein files and

make sure they are not redacted!!!!. DON’T WAIT!!

Our country is in trouble! Its leadership has embraced deception, lying, half-truths…. The continued

existence of our democracy is in peril. Where will this all end? Time will tell. We are very grateful​

for what you do. Keep holding our President up against this liberal media


​Gerrye Johnston


Men and Women for a Representative Democracy in America

                                     "We in America do not have government by the majority 

                                      we have government by the majority who participate.’’

                                                                 Thomas Jefferson-1743