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          Founder and CEO                       

Gerrye is the Founder of Saving our American Heritage d/b/a Men and Women for a Representative Democracy in America. Inc.  She is passionate about educating citizens about their government and current issues. Her work spans over 25 years in local and state communities regarding Public Policy. She designed the syllabus and teaches courses in "Saving our American Heritage". As the founder, she uses her experiences to guide the branding and communications needs of Men and Women for Representative Democracy in America. 

She has a strong commitment to the community and has served on steering committees in her career. She travels out of state to teach educational seminars at local churches regarding the Constitution and Public Policy. As a graduate of the Institute on the Constitution, she is a Constitutionalist. It is imperative we know how our Constitution works Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity!

Our country needs to restore Capitalist laws and regulations which promote competition, job creation, clean manufacturing, new technologies, and WEALTH.

Former Senator Secretary, P.T.A. Vice-President, Former Vice-President of the Republican Women's Club, Cub Scout Leader, Former Coordinator for Concerned Women for America, Former election judge, Community Activist, and Poll Watcher, Former Business

Owner, Former 535 lobbyist for Concerned Women for America, Instructor in teaching courses regarding educating citizens. Auxiliary member at a local hospital.

Gerrye teaches inner-city church members courses on " How to get better acquainted and influence your local State Legislators" on issues that affect their communities. We offer these communities an opportunity to be educated about our U.S. democratic government.

We believe in Saving our America Heritage. The principles of the American Founding, stated most eloquently and concisely in the Declaration of Independence, must be studied and firmly grasped if we are to return to the constitutionalism of the Founding Fathers. In turn, this means that the virtues must be developed in the citizenry. The development of these virtues cannot be coerced since coercion runs contrary to the nature of virtue itself.

Associate member of numerous political Organizations.

                                We need to major in the work we do for Jesus Christ who appointed us for his work!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance

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The Founders divided power between the federal government on one hand and states and local government on the other. This principle is called "federalism." They also divided the federal government between a legislative, executive, and judiciary, which we know as a "separation of powers" and they instituted a system of "checks and balances" giving different branches of government (say the House and the Senate, or the president and Congress, or Congress and the courts) authority to exercise competing authority on the same issue.

​Our Responsibility

We educate you in these seminars that affect your community!

Constitutional Studies:

  • P​rotect Life
  • Reform Immigration Policy
  • Cultivate Racial Harmony
  • Defend Marriage and Family
  • Steward God's Creation
  • Slash Poverty​
  • Defeat Terrorism

Please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Christian churches need to wake up! There is only one true LORD and SAVIOR. Christianity has at its

very core that Jesus is the only way to heaven-and that eternal salvation is a gift of grace, earned for mankind by Christ's crucifixion. Islam holds the firm view that eternal damnation awaits those who do not earn salvation by submitting to the requirements of the Koran, which describes Jesus as a noteworthy prophet who didn't really die on the cross.


We believe in the Lord JESUS CHRIST as our personal LORD and SAVIOR. We believe HE is the Son of GOD.

We sincerely believe that this statement of faith is what the founders of our Republic believed and that this Faith, with GOD'S grace, helped to establish our country as a Christian nation.

" Let every soul be subject unto higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained

Steward God's Creation

Every citizen has the right to petition their legislators on pending issues.

Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

Please call Gerrye Johnston


@ 410-458-2684 for more information

                  or email:

Men and Women for a Representative Democracy in America.

 "Every citizen has the right to petition their legislators on pending issues. Restoring America as the Land of Liberty".

Women for Democracy in America is a 501 c 3 educational organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed

by IRS regulations. Personal and corporate contributions are allowed.


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